About ACME

About us

We are India’s largest Transportation Furnishing company, involving in the complete design, production and installation of all the interior and exterior products in Aviation, Railways and Marine applications. Along with the manufacturing of the critical components like Modular Toilets, seat & berth, partition panels, window systems etc, we are also into the application of many other components like flooring and surfacing solutions in a separate supply and apply model. With the turnover of approx. 45Million USD in 2019, we are poised to grow with a very healthy growth rate of 3X of India’s GDP in the current FY with the strong support from a growing talent pool of 700+ people. With 3 manufacturing sites for our products, we manage on-site installation of the new coach interiors as well as refurbishing business of commercial aircrafts, Indian railways and recreational boats at their various workshops country wide on a regular basis.