Safety Coating

Safety Coatings are designed for bus and rail-car floors, truck beds, ship decks, steps, platforms, handicap ramps, and wherever a fire-safe & non-slip surface is required. It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance as well as non-slip properties. This safety coating chemically bonds to most clean and dry surfaces. These coatings are not limited to, concrete, wood, fibreglass, metal, rubber, and sound-painted materials. This coating is applied by roller, brush, or spray.

Fire preventing coatings are often required to protect a wide range of products of both flammable and non-flammable against fire. It is the oldest, most efficient, and easiest method to apply to any surface without modifying the intrinsic properties of materials. Moreover, the initial phase of fire always occurs on the surface by ignition, and hence, it is important to concentrate on the surface protection of a material. The degree of fire retardation mainly depends on the coating thickness, substrates, and efficiency of formulations.

High-Performance Two-Part Epoxy Coatings form a continuous char foam that protects the product from both heat and flame. These coatings have passed flame spread and toxicity tests (at very low levels) and are DNV and ABS certified for use on ships and mobile offshore units in all areas. The application of this coating is extensively used in Railway Interiors in all areas including ceilings, doorway and gangway, walls, pantry car etc which needs to be cleaned on regular basis.