Decorative Glass Fabric Reinforced Plastic (DGFRP)

Decorative Glass Fabric Reinforced Plastic (DGFRP) is made of E-glass fabric and phenolic resin with a decorative layer on the top. DGFRP Sheets were introduced by Acme India Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Indian Railways. It is widely used in the interior furnishing of coaches mainly inside walls, partition walls and toilets.

DGFRP as per RCF specification MDTS 46303 was developed due to continuous complaints in the existing LP sheet. DGFRP is used as a Panelling material inside coaches and is a robust, maintenance-free material. The material has earned enough credentials for its looks, ease of installation, fire worthiness and mechanical strength.

  • Lightweight, High strength & Corrosion resistant

  • Excellent weathering, flexural and tensile physical properties

  • Available in different colours and patterns

  • Graffiti Resistance

  • Complies to RCF Specification MDTS-46303

  • Meets the requirement of HL3 of EN-45545- 2 for fire safety