Aluminium Honeycomb Partition with DGFRP Sheets

Aluminium Honeycomb Partition with DGFRP Sheets

Aluminium Honeycomb panels sandwiched between DGFRP skins are used in modern coach furnishing. This provides significant cost reduction. The reduction in the weight of the frame allows high speeds, whilst reducing the weight thus providing better mileage.

Honeycomb is a robust hexagonal aluminium framework used as a sandwich material between DGFRP. These Honeycombs with DGFRP Panels are being used as partition frames in the coach interior. Advantages of DGFRP with Honeycomb attracted the attention of Railway production units and accordingly, MCF/RBL has decided to use such partition frame in all the Turnkey Contracts & regular store supply as well. Ease of installation and requirement of fewer man-hours for installation of this material has rapidly increased MCF’s production.

Braille Signages are being manufactured as per ICF Specification MD-253 with the raw material being sourced from Horizons, USA. It has features like

  • Corrosion resistance

  • UV protected

  • Anti-counterfeit features

  • Almost impossible to duplicate

  • Long life