Automatic Hygiene Odour Control Dispenser

Automatic Hygiene Odour Control Dispenser

Air Fresheners and Cleaners & Deodorizers are revolutionary 2-in-1 dispensers aimed at consistently keeping urinals / WC clean as well as delivering fragrance into the air.

It is easily programmable for any application and comes with a wide range of concentrated formulations which eliminate washroom odours while providing fresh and pleasant fragrances.
This urinal and WC cleaning dispenser are designed exclusively to combat and neutralize the build-up of bacteria and other germs which normally accumulate on washroom surfaces including urinals and WC.
It eliminates washroom odour while providing fresh and pleasant fragrances making them stink-free.
Every flush produces a concentrated and fragrant foam, eliminating germs and reducing surface stains and deposits in the urinal porcelain micro-pores.
It clears and reduces (eliminates) bacteria growth, eliminates malodours, and prevents scaling in the drainage pipes.

  • Eliminates odours at the source

  • High-Impact Resistance

  • Prevent Scaling

  • Neutralizes Malodours

  • Available in 310 ml & 610 ml